Konkordiahuset is the place for anyone who is interested in Genealogy and Emigration Research. Do it on your own or accept our assistance.
Konkordiahuset will arrange "Genealogical Safaris" to the places where your ancestors once lived, visits to churches or any other place that is connected to your roots. We also provide the service to get in touch with your now living cousins.
Konkordiahuset has a large library including all kinds of historybooks, local history, emigration, genealogy, the civilization of ancient times, religion, population statistics etc.
The speciality of Konkordiahuset is Emigration. We will help you to find your ancestors in Sweden and America - or any other part of the world.
Konkordiahuset also contains an apartment, 2 rooms, 4 beds and a kitchen. Stay overnight, or as long as you wish, and feel free to use computers and books for your research.

. . . or just drop by and have a cup of coffee in our café.